7-Card Past Life Tarot/Oracle Spread 

I had asked littlestcrouton what type of spread she would like, considering that I was in a bored state and wanted to work with the new decks that I got. So, in Lieu of her request for a more detailed past life spread, I have created one for tumblr~

I will explain the symbolism and the placement. When I first thought of the past life spread, I had imagined like a phoenix, because of the cycle of rebirth and rising up from the ashes. What appeared before me was more of a complex one, simply because I like longer spreads, albeit they are draining. This is a smaller one and one that would be easy to memorize the meanings and placement.

So here is the meanings:

  1. Past Life Symbolism: This represents your past life, it is the symbol of it. Now, that does not mean that it is to be read. If you know of a past life and it tells you of it, it might makes sense to you, but in most cases, it does not* (see littlestcrouton's write-up). It's to be symbolistic, not so much literal.
  2. Past Life Purpose: As expected, this card is to represent the reason that you were born into the life, the lesson(s) that you were meant to learn. 
  3. Past Life Progression: This particular card tells you how you went about your life. It is the overall key to who you were or what you were. (IE) You were rich, you were humble, generous, jealous…etc
  4. Past Life Action: This card represents how you accomplished or went about completing your past life lessons. Specifically, if you did and how, or if you did not and why. Your card should be able to tell you (even if you are orthodox reader) both answers, if not, it will be explained in card 5. 
  5. Unresolved Karmic Lesson: This card is about what you were not able to achieve in this live. This is the card that might be affecting your current or other past lives in succession to the one in the spread. This tells you what went wrong in terms of things that you were not able to learn and is carried onto other lives.
  6. Resolved Karmic Lesson: This card tells the reader what positive and uplifting lessons were learned. This can be a good or bad experience that was learned, but in the long run it made you better or led to a better life. It may also not be the original purpose, but it served a greater purpose in your karmic pattern.
  7. High Karmic Energy: This card symbolizes the good and positive energy or karma that travels with you in your life. It is skills learned that you will carry with you onto other lives that will better the ones after.

Now, while I do know that karma is a part of a large belief system and that people do/not believe in it. I believe that it is some kind of energy or learning that we carry with us, call it karma or not. It was the easiest way for people to understand, because that is the base concept of the reading. The purpose is to show you about the past life, who you were, what you did, and (un)resolved lessons. This is detailed, yet simplistic. 

If you wish to read the examples of the two of us, please feel free to do so. I go into detail with mine as to how it represents the spread and it works.

I would really like to hear your experiences, hiccoughs and odd things. Please feel free to SUBMIT pictures and experiences!! make sure to put private if you wish for it to not be seen. 

ALSO! I am familiar with doing past life readings psychically. If something doesn’t make sense to you, or you are confused, you are free to ask me what’s up.

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